Quantum Coin

Mixing Crypto and Quantum

Crypto experiment: scrypt that emulates a qubit, something similar to what Google with his quantum playground does.

The Vision

“We believe quantum computing may help solve some of the most challenging computer science problems, particularly in machine learning. Machine learning is all about building better models of the world to make more accurate predictions. If we want to cure diseases, we need better models of how they develop.

If we want to create effective environmental policies, we need better models of what’s happening to our climate. And if we want to build a more useful search engine, we need to better understand spoken questions and what’s on the web so you get the best answer.”

This is the vision of  Hartmut Neven,Technical Lead Manager, Image Recognition at Google about quantum  looks like.


Ideas come from curiosity

The Awe

Ever since I can remember, I had a passion for discovering new things. I have always knew that there is much more out there ready for me to be discovered.

So, how Disney used to say that “Ideas come from curiosity”, I have started to take the same path and started to follow my own curiosity. The outcome?

This cool idea of creating a a new cryptocoin that uses some sort of  scrypt that emulates a qubit, something similar to what
Google with his Quantum Playground does.

Don't reinvent the weel, find instead a better use.

Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence

Many of services that Google offer depend on sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning or pattern recognition. If one takes a closer look at such capabilities one realizes that they often require the solution of what mathematicians call hard combinatorial optimization problems.

It turns out that solving the hardest of such problems requires server farms so large that they can never be built. But using the bitcoin model, you can develop a decentralized network that can do the work much easier than a server farm.

And I truly believe that a new type of protocol a so-called “quantum coin script” (or qscript)  can help here.

Ok, but can it be done in today's world?

The implementation

The idea is pretty nice, as there is win win: people interested in developing a career within Nasa , Seti, Virgin group, etc, will  mine the quantumcoins, the power goes to NASA, Seti, Virgin group, etc, research center, and with the coins, students can partially or fully pay their studies (space programs, research, aeronautical  etc.).

 This will help NASA, Seti, Virgin Group to process huge chunks of data much much faster: image processing, simulations, 3D rendering, so on and so forth.

Also, if we gather all the power and converge it to multiple mining pools,  this power could be  managed much much easier than a server farm, rewarding all the miners with the coin itself.

So there are a fabulous set of problems to work on to figure out how to make all that work

Push curiosity to the limits and let’s build this together

I am just at the beginning and there are  some awesome problems to solve, and to me this presents an
 opportunity: To be able to do something that  you love, that you’re passionate about  and that you really deeply know
can have dramatic impact in people lives.

And  I am looking for amazing people  in physics, aerospace ,aerodynamics,  finance, bitcoin coding, visualization, web programing to really help me, help us, solve this puzzle together.



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